My single lumen shot of the annular eclipse


sonny rosenberg

10/15/20231 min read

Living in the western U.S. I expected the interwebs to be awash with eclipse photos the day after the event. Shows you what I know, or at least how in touch with reality I am. I think I've seen 1 or 2 eclipse photos thus far this morning.

Being the jumper on of imaginary bandwagons that I am, I had to offer my take on an eclipse pic. It was not so dramatic from where we are as a cluster of malicious clouds kept swirling around and obscuring the glowing orb.

The eclipse itself is in the lower center of the image. Here, we reached maximum anularity (around 80%) at about 9:21 am.This was started at about 8:30am and was about a 5 hour exposure on expired Kodak IV paper with my homemade 63mm 7x7cm Cadobo camera.