Coincidence or Conspiracy?

A most unusual Lumenbox photograph, what's behind this alleged "coincidence"?


sonny rosenberg

2/24/20231 min read

Warning! Much of what you're about to read here may indeed have little or no basis in fact and In fact, is largely conjecture on my part.

If you're unfamiliar with the Lumenbox process, allow me to explain a bit.

I place a dampened piece of black and white photographic paper in the Lumenbox. A simple laminated paper camera with a plastic meniscus lens. I then make my exposure of from a few minutes to several hours. If I make the exposure for long enough and in bright sunlight, the result is a color negative of often vibrant and unusual colors.

Here's where the conjecture really starts: In my theory the colors are randomly formed when photons of light cause the silver embedded in the paper to migrate to the surface of the paper to varying degrees, thus causing the formation of random colors in the negative.

I call this phenomenae "pseudo color". I have no idea if this theory has any basis in fact, but it makes sense to me, so I'm going with it. As one would expect (according to my theory) the colors appearing on the photo paper have no solid relationship to the objects that are reflecting photons onto that paper, so something that is orange may create a black image, something that is yellow may create a pink image, etc. all dependent on the intensity and duration of light reflected onto the photo paper.

What I find interesting about this image is that most of the colors are startlingly similar to the natural colors of the objects depicted with the exception of the yellow areas. The wall behind the potter's wheel is almost exactly the turquoise you see on the right side of the wall in the corner and the colorof the wheel is as well. The zinc plated tub is silverish of course, but very similar to the image you're seeing sans yellow tint. How to explain this? Coincidence? I wonder.