Three frames with my Superheadz Sun & Cloud


sonny rosenberg

1/28/20241 min read

Unfortunately, I'm not very good at themes or motifs in my photographs, so it's rare that I embark on a series. Not that I would call what I'm presenting here a series.

Two factors primarily led to this themed post: Lately I've been inspired by Katie Yang's excellent blog Katie Shoots Film and how she finds themes and motifs in subjects that I normally would not. Then when the sun burned through the hazy clouds that were prevalent in the morning yesterday, my eye was drawn to three bright blue objects one after the other. I couldn't resist the opportunity to shoot them while the light was right.

Because I thought the light could shift at any moment, quick digital shots seemed to be called for in this case. And what better camera for bright saturated colors than the Sun & Cloud?

If you're not familiar with the Superheadz Sun & Cloud, it's a 3mp toy digital camera with several different monochrome and polychrome settings and macro capabilities. It has only two ISO settinngs 100 and 800. I always employ the 800 setting as it's much contrastier and (for color) more saturated. The high contrast monochrome modes are to die for, at least if you're a contrast fiend like me.

The Sun & Cloud is an update of now classic Superheadz Digital Harinzumi, a much smaller 2mp toy digital camera in the shape of a 110 film cartridge. I'd love to have one, but they have a cult following these days and fetch exorbitant prices.