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A long exposure Lumenbox shot


sonny rosenberg

2/18/20231 min read

My initial impetus for starting this blog was my fascination with the Lumenbox and the crazy colors that resulted from overly long Lumenbox exposures. Unfortunately as Winter came on and took hold with a vengance, and the sun continued to wane, it became less and less possible to get the kind of exposures that I love, other than through extravagent means (taping the Lumenbox to a window for several days, which is a bit limiting).

Today though, was bright and sunny and It seemed like the sun would shine strongly for several hours at least. Since I'm eternally fascinated with my neighbor Shaun's backyard and he had given me permission to photo at will. Thank you Shaun! I thought I better make photos while the sun shined.

This shot is the result. I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised by this one. The colors came out better than I could have hoped. This was about a 9 hour double exposure on the usual fogged Arista Edu grade 3 paper.

Lawn Chairs