Another Cyanotype

a cyanotype


sonny rosenberg

12/30/20221 min read

This one came out fairly well, but I'm not sure my scanner is working correctly anymore. The original cyanotype itself is pretty punchy but the scan came out really dull and flat. I think the lamp in my scanner may be working intermittently. I wound up really boosting the contrast in Lightroom to get the scan to resemble the original print. I do have the capability to do good camera scans, but I just don't enjoy that process much. I may have to resort to it though, I just don't have room for a new scanner when the printer in my scanner works just fine.

This print is made from a 5x7 digital negative of a 35mm scan. I'm pretty sure the original was shot on Adox CMS 20 II with my Voigtlander 21mm lens, not sure which camera.

I did two of these last night, the twin to this one is a little muddy. I attempted to bleach and tone the muddy print. Even though I weakened the bleach by 100%, it still bleached very rapidly and the new ferrous sulfate I mixed up didn't really take. Weird because ferrous sulfate worked fine the first time I used it on an exposure test. I think I'll try toning it in something else (that hasn't worked before) like coffee or tea. Maybe I didn't overexpose these prints for long enough?