And Still More High Contrast

With a roll of Adox Scala 50 pushed to 100


sonny rosenberg

12/2/20231 min read

Lately, with Winter on its way, it's been cloudy and stormy here more often than it's been sunny. As I had two trips to make to my eye doctor on the outskirts of town, I thought I'd use those as opportunities to take a few photos.

Unfortunately I don't currently have any 135 films that are suitable for such weather. The fastest 35mm film I currently have is a couple rolls of Adox Scala 50, so I wound up using that and pushing it to 100.

I developed this roll in Flic Film's MQ-19, their D-19 recreation. As you might expect, this resulted in some quite high contrast shots.

These were shot with my relatively trusty Lomo LC-W 17mm point and shoot. The very last photo was completely accidental, it apparently happened while loading the camera. I didn't even know it was there until I developed the roll. It's not much of a photo, but I think it does illustrate the broad exposure lattitude of this film.