And Still More Color

With a roll of Portra 400 and the Lomo LCW


sonny rosenberg

11/23/20231 min read

Because the weather has been on and off variably cloudy, I've been dipping into my small stash of color films which tend to be much faster than my slow and slower b&w films.

I don't really have a lot to say about these except that they were shot all around town in a variety of locations; several around the area of my school, some on the way to the dentist and even a few inside the house.

I've been wanting to photograph the new electric bass that my brother built for me, but I'm finding it a bit difficult for me to photograph, so there a re just a couple not very great snaps of it here. I think I'm developing a plan for some better shots, but I'll need more light than is curently available. I've never owned an electric bass before, although I've played those of friends. This one is really special, it almost plays itself, which is a really good thing as I'm pretty much pure crap on it.

Oh, and Portra 400 is a pretty nice film! I haven't used it much, but every time I do, I'm impressed with it. I haven't asctually compared it to my other favorite color films, Kodak Aerocolor IV and Superia 400, but I think it would hold up well in comparison, it's colors are a little more muted than what I'm used to, but I think it works for Winter shots.