An Improved Cadobo Cam, Sort of

Version 2.01 of my Homemade Lumen Camera


sonny rosenberg

7/20/20231 min read

I'm not sure that it's fair to call the new Cadobo cam that I just built "new and improved', as the improvements are miniscule and incremental. Other than some small improvements in the construction itself, the new feature is the velvet covering the front of the camera as well as the filter and shutter. All are also sans tape binding now, so that the filter or shutter stick to the camera front with no rubber bands.

This new sticky feature isn't intended for exposures out in the field (my yard) but it does make setting up the camera, especially if you're using a filter, much easier. Big deal huh? Well I warned you, sort of. I also believe that the velvet on velvet contact bewteen camera, filter and shutter further reduces the chance of light leaks, crucial in a highly scientific enterprise such as this.

I thought then, that some highly scientific testing of the new camera would be in order. All the exposures shown are 70 minutes on expired Kodak IV paper.

The first two exposures, the blue thistles and blue agave are sans cracker wrapper magenta filter and the last two, the sprinkler and birdbath are with the filter on.

Oh, in the agave and thistle shots, the flare is coming from light reflected by the plants. The camera had it's back to to the sun for both shots.