Almost Normal

5 new exposures from my 4.25" x4.25" large format Cadobo XL


sonny rosenberg

8/5/20231 min read

No, not me. Aspire as I might, I don't believe that normalcy is a goal I'll ever reach. I was thinking that a couple of these shots from the large glass lensed lumen camera could almost pass for conventional colors photos? Maybe polaroids? Maybe I'm just crazy? I have to say though that so far several shots with this camera have turned out almost naturalistic colors. I find that interesting.

In the case of these shots I was really just trying to use up my small stock of expired Kodak II paper, which I'm hoping will motivate me to cut up a bunch of my much larger stock of Kodak IV paper. I'm encouraged by these shots but I really want to see how the Cadobo does with Kodak IV.

For these photos expsoure time was all over the place, from just over an hour to almost two hours. The paper was thoroughly soaked in very hot water.