Accidental Redscale/Reno Burning

A long exposure Luemenbox Twin shot whereing I accidentally flipped the photo paper before exposure.


sonny rosenberg

2/4/20231 min read

The description below the title sums it up pretty well. I hadn't taken a Lumenbox Twin shot in what seemed like a long while, and since that burning yellow orb in the sky seems to be regaining some strength, I thought I'd try another long exposure (this time taped to the inside of a west facing bedroom window). Whadayaknow? I accidentally flipped the photo paper when I was loading the camera. Not like that has ever happened before. It has, far too many times, but I've never had results quite like this. I'm quite pleased with it I have to say.

This was taken on the usual Arista Edu Ultra grade 3 photo paper, this was a 104 hour exposure.