A Winter Wonderland

A few Sun & Cloud frames of snow

sonny rosenberg

2/4/20241 min read

I don't think that the snow that's been falling all day will set any kind of record. Nonetheless it's not inconsequential. As much as I dislike snow, I'm glad it's coming down as such. I think if it were rain, we would already be seeing some serious flooding in the area, as I'm sure is happening to the west of us in California.

So why do I live in Reno if I dislike snow? Good question. I see snow as a nuisance at best (having to shovel it) and as a hazard at worst (having to ride through it). I do enjoy the acoustics of it however. I love that feeling of standing outside after a snow and being able to hear seemingly for miles.

Today when I gazed out the back door window and saw the tiny chair filling up with snow, I knew just had to get some high contrast digital shots of it with the sun & cloud. While I was out there I snapped a couple extra shots. Nothing amazing of course, it was just nice to be shooting. These were taken near midday when it was still accumulating.

Now I'm wondering what these would look like had I used the Sun & Cloud's built in flash. Maybe if school is cancelled tomorrow I'll find out.