A Walk Through Reno in the Rain

Just some dreary shots on a rainy day in Reno with a roll of Rollei 80s


sonny rosenberg

3/12/20231 min read

I'll keep the whining short today, yesterday was one of those days when almost everything that can goes wrong does go wrong. My main computer crashed (pretty sure the drive is dead, it's backed up though). I think these photos came out terribly, but maybe it wasn't too wise to use a high contrast film on a low contrast day?

Funny though, I seem to remember liking Rollei Retro 80s. I've certainly seen some incredible shots done with it. I distinctly didn't like it yesterday.

Also, I'm completely fucking done with Cinestill Df96 monobath. My old batch was getting pretty long in the tooth, so I carefully mixed up and filtered a new batch. Many of the images from this roll were so completely schmutz encrusted that they were unusable, even for me. This has become the norm with Cinestill and me. I'm over it.

Oh, and one of my favorite sites for checking other blogs, Analog News, doesn't seem to be picking up my site anymore. Also Hostinger (my web host) is buggy as hell these days. I can barely type this without it trying to pop me out. Ugh.

I had and still have a solid case of cabin fever but I had to get out yesterday, so these are the artifacts of my walk to the pharmacy. They were taken with the Chroma 24mm f/11 double glass on the Leica Ic. They were lightly edited in Apple Picture (or whatever the fuck it's called) because I can't access Lightroom.