A Splash of Color

With my Leica Ic, Voigtlander 12mm and a roll of Superia 400.


sonny rosenberg

11/2/20231 min read

Because I knew that a hard freeze was on it's way and most of the color would soon be drained from the local flora, and the days are now often variably cloudy, I was wishing that I had a roll of faster color film to document these last days of color.

Waddayaknow? I had both a roll of Portra 400 and a roll of (I think expired) Superia 400 in the fridge. I chose the Superia for these shots as I'm always impressed with it's saturation and color palette.

In retrospect, I realize that there's not all that much flora or color in these photos. Oh well. One of the many pluses of the new to me Voigtlander (Cosina) 12mm lens is that it focuses to .5 meters. I'm really enjoying the ability to get pretty close to a subject, yet still capture a very wide field of view. I know, I'm easily amused.

To my eye, some of these came out a little bit more interesting than others. Here are the few that seemed more interesting to me. Not sure if I'll post the others or not.

Most of these were shot on my ride home from school.