A Single Lumen Exposure from Alan Withington

And another homemade camera!


sonny rosenberg, alan withington

7/21/20231 min read

And it's a beauty! It was created with Alan's focusing 5x5 homemade camera, but I should let Alan explain:

"I just wanted to share a new lumen with you done in my latest self made (from junk) camera. It is a photo of 'The Dog Walker' sculpture on the highest point of a country park created on colliery spoil. It came out better than the ones I took with wet lumens in my 3x3 camera but I don't understand why.

This is a 5"x 5" lumen on ancient Kodabrome paper used dry and about 90 mins. exposure. I found that when the paper was wetted it wrinkled too much so I was forced to use it dry. I was amazed at the colours which have not been changed after inversion, just contrast being raised.

I’ve attached a photo of the junk camera, it has a self made ground glass focusing screen... I found out how to make one from Youtube and it was really easy.

I guess it just shows how Lumens don't follow rules.

I'm not sure if I went back in the same light and did everything the same I'd get the same result

The paper came in a large batch stored somewhere musty and damp so I'm not sure if that has had an effect?"

Thanks again Alan! I'm always happy to post your amazing work!

Update: Because there have been some inquiries about how Alan built his camera and the resources he uses, Alan just sent this information and links:

The link is to make the ground glass on https://youtu.be/hxC48_sd6BM

For the camera build I could not find a video but my starting point was to watch 'Making a cardboard camera obscura'. That meant I could experiment with lumens and various lenses in a camera that I would not be worried about if it went wrong. I then transferred the ideas into a wooden version but had the ground glass in a fixed position once I found infinity focus.

The simplest video is this one by Mr Howe.


Joe Van Cleave's videos are also very good. I'll try and do some more photos of my wooden camera showing the construction inside and send them to you.