A Roll of FP4+ with the Holga 135

Pushed a half stop with Cinestill monobath


sonny rosenberg

9/8/20231 min read

If I ever said anything bad about Ilford'a FP4+, I take it back. After a run of bad luck wherein I totalled 4 rolls of 400 speed film (3 of Fomapan and one of Rerapan), it was refreshing to get decent results in a variety of lighting conditions with a toy camera. No complaints from me on these shots.

I wasn't sure what speed of film or what development regimen might be best for this Holga, so I thought I'd try some ISO 125 FP4 and push it a half stop. I'm happy with the contrast in these shots and FP4 seems sturdy enough that the Holga won't chew it up like it did the Fomapan. I think this is a combo of film and camera that I'll return to again, although I still want to give Tri-X a try and pull it one stop, or maybe some Superpan? I reallty do enjoy cameras that have fewer parameters to control sometimes. With the Holga's fixed exposure, it gives me a "what the heck, just take the shot" attitude that contributes to the fun factor of this camera, at least for me.

In any case these were shot on my way to school and back with the final frames were shot around the house. This roll was developed in the aforementioned Cinestill D-96 for 7 minutes at 75° F.