A Ride Through Reno

Looking for colors during a break between storms


sonny rosenberg

3/11/20231 min read

The subtitle says it all on this one. During a break between storms I went for what used to be my usual ride across Reno. On this day though, I had my old Leica Ic loaded with my favorite color film, Film Washi X (Kodak Aerocolor IV) and wearing the Chroma Double Glass 24mm f/11 lens.

It was the dead of Winter still, so even though the snow and ice had temporarily mostly melted off, things were still looking pretty dreary. There were a few splashes of color to be found here and there though.

We're between atmospheric rivers now, I'm posting this to cheer up myself and anyone who needs it. These are my usual mundane shots, but hopefully a little less gray and dreary than what has become usual for me. I hope the weather where you are is not oppressive!