A Little More Organic

A few more frames of Adox CMS 20 II


sonny rosenberg

12/27/20231 min read

Was it really last week that I posted the companion post to this one? Yikes! I fear that time is speeding up while my brain is decelerating. Or maybe my brain is becoming trapped in the viscid quagmire of incipient dementia? Be that as it may, I think current research confirms that time really does ebb and flow (even though it's likely that we're unable to perceive that).

In any case, to answer the question of "A little more organic than what?" I thought these shots of mostly trees, didn't fit in all that well with last week's photos of mostly buildings, so they get their own post. I don't imagine that there is much very special here, but they are shot with CMS II at least.

As with the previous post, these were shot with CMS 20 II, my old Leica Ic and the Voigtlander (Cosina) 21mm Color Skopar and developed in Adox Adotech IV.