A Hair-Brained Theory on Color

And a roll of Superia 400 my Leica Ic and the Chroma Double Glass


sonny rosenberg

7/25/20231 min read

The other day was one of those cloudy days where the colors really seem to pop more than usual. I've noticed it ever since I was a little kid, that it often happens after a rain, or on certain kinds of mostly cloudy days. And of course I have a hair-brained theory to explain the phenomena!

My theory is this; the clouds are obscuring a fair amount of the visible light. This part of the theory, I don't think is in doubt, as my light meter confirms this. I contend that while a fair amount of the visible light is blocked by the clouds, for some reason, with certain kinds of cloud cover, the amount of UV light is not as attenuated as the visible light, thus the ratio of visible light to UV light is different, and what we're witnessing is in essence the fluorescence of some colors in the dimmer light.

Warning! Don't take this theory at face value. I have absolutely have no actual confirmation of any of it, except the visible light being dimmer on cloudy days. I may be totally and completely full of it, and while I do like the theory, I don't want to be another of the myriad spreaders of misinformation that seemingly fill the interwebs.

In any case, the colors really were popping and I happened to have a roll of Superia 400 on hand and an errand to run, so I thought this a good occasion to photo my usual lot of random and mundane stuff.

As usual for my color shots, this roll was developed by The Darkroom in San Clemente.