A Few More Odds and Ends of CMS 20

And a musing on the pitfalls of GAS.


sonny rosenberg

7/18/20232 min read

These are the odds and ends not included in the Underpasses and Construction post from the other day. I'm still somewhat amazed that in a single roll of CMS 20 it's possible to capture very high contrast and relatively normal contrast images, depending on the lighting and exposure of course.

As it says in the header, these shots were taken with my Voigtlander (made by Cosina) 21mm f/4 Color Skopar lens. These days I'd say that the 21mm has become my 'normal' lens often sharing those duties with the 24mm f/11 Chroma Double Glass. When I want to turn the Leica into a no-fuss almost point and shoot, I opt for the Chroma. When the light is a little iffier or if I just want more overall sharpness I go for the Voigtlander.

When I want something wider, I go for my 15mm f/4.5 Voigtlander Heliar. I love, love, love that lens but even I find it a little too wide for all occasions.

I think the person/people who decided that a 50mm lens most closely approximates the perpsective seen by the human eye are totally fooking crazy. A 50mm lens seems like a short telephoto to me. When I look at things, at the world, what I see looks a lot more like what I view through my wide angle viewfinders than it does through a 50mm and I don't even have particularly good peripheral vision. The world just appears w-i-d-e to me. 50mm seems narrow and constricted /restrictive most of the time. Maybe the perspective of the lenses in our eyes are similar to a 50mm lens, but certainly not the width of our field of vision.

OTOH, sometimes it's nice to have something, for whatever silly reason, just a tad narrower than my 24mm. This is where the GAS part comes in; I recently became aware that TTArtisan is producing an LTM version of their lovely little 28mm f/5.6 (formerly only M mount) lens. To my eye it is really lovely and little. The problem for me, is that I already have nice little Canon 28mm f/2.8, and being f/2.8 it's one of the faster lenses I own. I think this means that I don't really need the TT Artisan 28mm. This is a sad state of affairs indeed. Doesn't one need more lenses? Aren't more lenses better? Isn't the TT Artisan lens cuter than my Canon? Ah, therein lies the rub I think. I'm drawn to compact pancakish, tiny and cute lenses. There. Now that I've publicly admitted it maybe some of this GAS will dissipate? Unless I'm full of it of course.

In any case, here's the rest of that roll. Not shot with a TTArtisan or Hektor 28mm.

Cute as a speckled puppy, no? Image stolen from TTArtisan's site

Although probably not the equal aesthetically of the Leitz Hektor 28mm, this 1937 example is from The Photographic Historical Society of Canada