A Few More Frames of Agfa Copex Rapid

With my Leica Ic and TT 28mm f/5.6 lens


sonny rosenberg

8/21/20231 min read

I've touted the virtues of Agfa Copex Rapid 50 on these pages before, so I won't repeat myself ad infinitum, but I will reiterate that if you like high contrast, high acutance films, especially micro films, this is a really good one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, at least compared to other films available these days.

I used to develop it in Caffenol, as the developer its made to work with (Spur?) isn't available in the states. Lately I've been developing it in dilute (1:19) Clayton F-76. If I'm not mistaken, Clayton brings a little more contrast to the table than Caffenol did, which doesn't hurt my feelings. I plan on testing Clayton with a few other films in the near future, so far, it's making a very good impression on me.

This roll was shot on my way to the coffee store and back, I haven't been there in a while as I was roasting my own, but I missed Magpie's Burundi beans. I was shooting my old Leica Ic and my newish TTArtisan 28mm LTM lens. I think I'm really bonding with this 28mm that I now consider to be my somewhat close up lens. I think that part of the reason that I bought a lens that I didn't 'need' and couldn't afford at the time was that I was just so tickled that someone was making an LTM lens in 2023 and wanted to support that effort. Now I'm really glad I did!