A Few Frames With My 1920 Icarette 6x6

Using FPP 620


sonny rosenberg

7/5/20231 min read

I finally had a chance to shoot my lovely old Ica Icarette 6x6. Unfortunately it took a few frames before I remembered that this is a camera that really benefits from being focused. I know, what is that anyway? I'm so used to not focusing.

While I'm apologizing for my ineptitudes I should also apologize for cheating. The banner photo for this article is an iphone shot that I processed with a Lightroom plugin (Exposure) that emulates old photo processes among other things. I couldn't resist trying the wet plate plugin, as this was my first attempt at 3 point lighting for a camera portrait, I think it all came out decently. OTOH the light leaks featured here are not from a plugin.

Oh, if you've been at all wondering just what FPPs basic black and white film is, it's Fomapan. Nothing else I know of bleeds the vast quantities of very green anti-halation dye upon processing. You could dye a river green with this stuff.

Since this Icarette wasn't really made for 120 film (it works, but is a pretty tight fit), I thought I'd give 620 a try. It works quite nicely in this camera. I think I'll stick with FPP's 620 film for this camera, I like Fomapan just fine.

As usual, these are just some randomish shots that I took on my bike ride the other day. I'm running pretty low on developers right now and my Cinestill monobath is about exasperated (see what I did there?), so these negatives were a little thin.

In a few days I'll be shooting this camera's cousin, my 1925 Icarette 127 in anticipation of 127 day, I'm looking forward to that!

The 127 has an ostensibly nicer lens than this Icarette's f/6.8 Heklar, and I know I'm easily impressed with cameras, but I think the Heklar is a very nice lens. Since it's an uncoated lens, I really need to try some into the sun shots. I'm thinking I might get some interesting flare?