A Few Frames of Superia 800

With my Lomo-LCW


sonny rosenberg

9/25/20231 min read

I think I'm becoming a fanboy for Fuji Superia. In my mind, it's a really beautiful film in any iteration. I was basically just testing my Lomo LC-W with this roll of 800, I didn't have too high of hopes for either the film or the camera.

The LC-W doesn't have the world's best film handling capabilities. It had recently chewed up a roll of film, and having experienced some 800 ISO color films that tend to look a bit washed out and desaturated, you can see why my expectations were on the low side.

I forgot that I was using a 24 exposure roll and the indicator showed that I had shot 32 frames on this roll. Hmmmm. I sent the roll off to the Darkroom with not very high hopes, but the film came back today with a few decent looking shots. I should say decent exposures, as the shots really aren't all that, mostly just scenes from around the house and when the garden still had a bit more life in it.

Not all that I know, but I find shooting the occasional roll of color to be quite a thrill.

Oh, I'm sure you'll notice that in a couple I was trying out the cool flash that I got for Christmas, which I've now misplaced. Oye.