A Few Frames of Ilford Pan F+

Shot with the Leica Ic and Voigtlander 12mm


sonny rosenberg

11/11/20231 min read

Ilford Pan F+ is a film that grows on me every time I shoot it. With gentle developers like Xtol or Tetanal Blau it can present a truly beautful tonal palette while still being high enough contrast for my eccentric taste.

I don't buy it much though, as it's almost twice as expensive here as my other favorites; CMS 20II, Copex and RPX-25. I bought this roll to try it out in high contrast with Flic Film's MQ-19 developer, but when it came time, I developed it in Tetanal Blau. As much as I love high contrast, I just couldn't pass up Tetanal Blau for this roll.

As always with photographs that I take, these are not all created equal, but I think that in general, most of them have that Pan F tonality that I've come to enjoy.

As you might imagine, these were shot with my Leica Ic and 12mm Voigtlander.

I will try Pan F with MQ-19, just not today.