A Few Frames of Adox CMS 20 II

Shot at ISO 25 with the Leica Ic and Voigtlander 15mm


sonny rosenberg

9/6/20231 min read

I think I probably say this about every lens I own, but I don't shoot the Voigtlander (Cosina) 15mm Super Wide Heliar near often enough. Coupled with a beautiful high contrast film like Adox CMS it just seems like the only right lens sometimes. This combo never seems to disappoint, the negatives often come out much better than I could hope for. So much so, that I find myself thinking "did I really take that shot?"

Lately I've had a fairly long run of bad luck, mostly with 400 speed films from Fomapan to Rerapan, I've had several rolls turn out to be complete duds. I think the 15mm and CMS is my fall back almost fool proof combo that I use to convince myself that I can sometimes take photographs.

These were shot on a walk to Downtown and along the river (the Truckee) at ISO 25 and developed in well aged Adox Adotech IV for 11 minutes at 79° F.