A Few Digital Shots from Around the House

And a not a review of the Superheadz Sun & Cloud toy digital camera


sonny rosenberg

4/14/20241 min read

If you have a preference for grainy, high-contrast lo-fi photos, the Superheadz Sun & Cloud is a really delightful little toy camera. It seems perfectly suited to the things I appreciate when taking photographs, and while I prefer film, I don't mind at all that this is a 2mp digital camera. Whenever I see a shot around the house, but don't have any high speed film (which is most of the time), I reach for the Sun & Cloud.

Do you see the little red dot just below the lens opening? That's the little slider switch for the camera's three optical modes: macro, portrait and landscape. While the camera is fixed focus in any given mode, I find that these three modes make this camera much more versatile than it would be without them.

I've said it before here, but apparently I love to repeat myself, this little box's other features are:

A built in hand crank generator for charging the internal battery

A solar cell for the same purpose

two ISO settings: 100 and 800

Several different digital settings: several variations of high contrast monochrome and over-saturated color.

Built in flash, which drains the battery very rapidly

Lo-Fi movie mode

These shots were all taken around the house when I noticed the light falling on a door that was ajar. The door shot didn't work out this time.