A Few Close-Ups with Kono Rekorder 200

And the Canon Auto Up


sonny rosenberg

3/21/20241 min read

As much as I love Barnack style rangefinders for 35mm film, I have to admit that close up shots are normally not their forte. Of course you can just slap a close up lens over the cameras lens, but then you have to guess as to framing and focus.

A couple of manufacturers though, had a solution for this problem. A close up lens with a built in lens for the viewfinder which allows you to see a pretty similar view to what the film is seeing. Canon's solution was the Auto-Up. A beautifully made, but more than a little cumbersome device. I have the Auto Up II which focuses from appoximately 15"-25", the original focused from 22"-40".

These shots were taken with Kono Rekorder 200, which is actually Kodak 2374 sound recording film made for the cinematic optical sound recording process. Normally this film is rated at ISO 50 (it has no real ISO rating as it's not a film made for photographic imaging) but Kono rates it at ISO 200.

The camera is my trusty old Canon IVSb2, which according to it's serial number was probably made in 1954, also the year of my manufacture. AFAIK this model of Auto Up only fits one lens, the Canon 50mm f/1.8, although I coud be wrong about that.

This roll was deveoped in neat Xtol, which may be starting it's decline into entropy.

I was a bit disapointed that several of these shots came out somewhat schmutzy even though I wiped them down with the usual Pec-Pads after washing. I suspect my wiping down technique is a little rusty as are all my photographic "skills".