A Comparative Study in Hue Versus Value

A few Sun & Cloud shots in both color and b&w


sonny rosenberg

2/1/20241 min read

For no good reason that I could think of other than that the sun managed to peek through the clouds for a few moments, I decided to conduct this impromptu, yet highly scientific study comparing similar achromatic and chromatic shots.

Rigorous analysis has definitively proven that the achromatic versions are superior in every way, except of course for their lack of hue. Sorry color enthusiasts, but science says b&w rules. Except possibly in the first pair of photographs. And to a lesser degree in the second pair of photos. Possibly in the third pair, the color one does have some merits as well.

To be clear, the black and white shots are on the left and the inferior color shots are on the right. I'm curious to hear if your own rigorus and purely objective analysis of the images below concurs with mine or not. Or is this an area for further study?

The photos below were all taken by the only camera approved by the AOCCAS (Association of Comparative Chromatic and Achromatic Studies), the Superheadz Sun & Cloud.