A 79 Hour Lumenbox Cyanotype Negative

Using a scrap of cyanotype paper as a negative in my Lumenbox


sonny rosenberg

1/8/20230 min read

This was my second try using a piece of cyanotype paper in the Lumenbox. For the first try, the Lumenbox was taped to the inside of a newer back window, it essentially didn't work. I then realized that the back windows (being newer) were UV coated. We only have a couple of original windows in our old, built in 1950 house, so I tried taping the Lumenbox to one of those.

Wadayaknow? It worked! Of course using the blue cyanotype paper as a negative, the resulting positive image was orange, but that's fine with me. I've been experiencing a modest amount of success using wine tannin as a toner on the cyanotypes, which gives me dark purplish colors, I might try toning the next cyanotype negative.