9 More Frames of Rollei Superpan 200

Shot with my old Canon Rangefinder


sonny rosenberg

5/7/20231 min read

Today's post is really a continuation of my May 1 A Walk to the Hardware Store featuring a few frames of Rollei Superpan 200 shot with my 1954 Canon IVSb2 Barnack style rangefinder camera and 28mm lens.

The Canon really is a gem of a camera for those who can tolerate Barnack style rangefinders (I love them). I've never done an actual camera review as I've never considered myself knowledgable enough or a good enough writer to pull off a camera review, but the Canon is what got me into photography 2+ years ago, so maybe it's time?

I didn't think that these shots quite worked when grouped with the May 1 shots, I'm also not sure that they're very interesting either. So here I am again posting a bunch of shots that may or may not be of interest.

As with the earlier published frames, the Canon was wearing an Orange filter from a little set of Bel-View filters made to fit Canon's somewhat odd 40mm filter size. I'm thinking they came up with that size filter to differentiate their (Improved, in my mind at least) copies of Barnack Leicas from the real thing's 39mm standard. It's a pretty cute little set and comes in almost handy little leather case. I say almost handy as it's difficult for me to extract a filter without getting fingerprints on it. Maybe I need filters for my filters?

Also, as with the earlier post, these were developed in Bellini Eco-Pro developer (Xtol) which I've been singing the praises of lately and continue to do so.

So nothing earth shaking here unfortunately, but Superpan is a nice and seemingly versatile film that I'll probably use again.

Bel-Vue 40mm filter set, I've never used the green filter. I should give it a try sometime.