8 Close Ups and Coffee

With Adox CMS 20 II and my Pentax Spotmatic F


sonny rosenberg

6/22/20231 min read

I had a short roll of Adox CMS 20 II, I don't recall why I lost the beginning of the roll, must be a sign of senility rearing its ugly head. I have a routine doctor visit coming soon. I wonder if I can be tested for Alzhiemer's or at least cognitive decline?

In any case, I thought a walk to my current favorite local coffee roaster would be an appropriate occasion to shoot this roll. Just for conversations sake; I should mention that I can live on crappy coffee. It doesn't even offend my sensibilities to drink 7-11 coffee when the need arises, but when I can afford it (I just got paid!) I prefer a better cup of coffee. The roaster down the street, Magpie Coffee specializes in a light-medium roast Burundi (Gashoho Bavyehi) which I'm quite taken with, but is not inexpensive. I often roast my own coffee, but sometimes I can't resist the call of Magpie's delicous if expensive offerings, especially when it's a beautiful day and fetching coffee can get me out for a walk!

A part of my rationale was also to test the meter in my old Pentax Spotmatic F. It seems mostly accurate, but I don't really have much confidence in it. Having recently lost my beloved little Reveni labs cold shoe meter to its 10 billionth jump out of its mount and onto the hard ground, I thought a little meter testing might not be a bad idea. Unfortunately I'm as bad at documenting tests like this as I am at everything else, so I'm still not sure whether my guesses about exposure or the in camera meter were more accurate.

The SMC 28mm f/3.5 (a nice lens!) was wearing a dirt cheap No. 2 close-up lens for this walk. I was hoping to get photos of some interresting flyers I'd seen stuck to street lights, but the ones I was hoping to photo seem to be gone.

As usual per my development of CMS 20, this roll was developed in Adox Adotech IV.