7 More Frames of Fomapan 100

Shot with my 1949 Leica Ic and developed in Kompostinol


sonny rosenberg

1/16/20230 min read

Nothing fancy here, just some more of yesterdays roll of Fomapan 100 shot with my old Leica Ic,Voigtlander 21mm and developed in Kompostinol.

Mostly it's a chance for me to post a gratuitous photo of the Leica. "Why would you do that?" you might ask, and justly so. The reason I'm posting this shot of the Leica is that I think my camera portraits are generally supremely boring. Not that this shot lacks a boring factor (unless you're into old Leicas I suppose), but I do think it has a little bit more artistic merit than my camera photos usually do. Not that this pic is all that, it's just another camera pic really.