7 More Frames from the Sun & Cloud

Some more lo-fi digital photos


sonny rosenberg

8/15/20231 min read

Just a few more frames from the Superheadz/Powershovel Sun&Cloud. Since I couldn't find a manual or instructions anywhere on the interwebs, I finally figured out what all the buttons do and discovered it has a macro mode! I'm looking forward to trying that soon.

You'll notice there are a couple color shots amongst the others today. You may also have noticed the deluxe silicone jacket that the Sun&Cloud is now wearing. Very fashionable no?

Again, except for cropping, these shots are straight out of the camera. In my mind the most interesting shots from this camera are often those taken with the built in flash on, unfortunately the flash drains the built in battery crazy fast. Maybe I'll have to actually earn my shots and crank the generator more often?