7 Frames with my UWS

A few color negative shots with my Jelly Lens Ultra Wide and Slim


sonny rosenberg

1/3/20230 min read

Technically it's not a UWS (Ultra Wide and Slim) camera as I think that designation is reserved for the 22mm wide angle fixed focus and aperture 35mm toy cameras made by Reto. Mine is the version sold by Jelly Lens, but as far as I can tell, it's the exact same camera, so I'm taking the liberty of referring to it as a UWS.

I think there's good reason these little cameras have a cult following: they're quite a bit more durable than they look and feel, surprisingly enough. They take surprisingly decent, very wide angle photos and maybe most importantly, they're really fun to use and actually pocketable.They're under 4" wide x 2.5" tall and 1" thick. I usually leave mine loaded with some kind of color film and on a stand by the front door, so it's easy to remember to put it in my pocket when I go out.

For these shots the little Jelly Lens was loaded with what seemed to be pretty old generic color negative film. I couldn't find either a brand or a date on the canister.

What I find interesting about this roll of film is the extremely variable degree of degradation (is that a band? Degree of Degradation) of the shots from this roll. A couple of the shots look like they were taken with a fresh roll of film, while a couple more are extremely degraded and most fall somewhere between the two extremes.

The underexposed shots were among the most degraded, frames like this make me suspect that this roll was quite old.

While a couple other frames show almost no degradation, to be fair, I did do a little fixing up of this image in Lightroom, but not much.

Below are few more, mostly taken on my bike ride to work, you'll see that the quality of the images generally lies between the two images shown above.