7 Frames of Rerapan 100

With my 1925 Icarette 0 127 Folder


sonny rosenberg

7/15/20231 min read

I hope that wherever you are, this almost universal heat wave isn't hitting you too badly. I was able to get out with my beautiful little Icarette 0 for 127 Day (July 12) when the heat wasn't too bad at all. It was a nice walk in the northern parts of my neighborhood, except for being cursed at and flipped off by a crazed driver while I was waiting for the walk signal at a light.

I'm quite used to being cursed at, flipped off, run off the road and even being hit by crazed drivers when I'm on my bicycle, but I'm less inured to it when I'm on foot. I suppose these days that anyone out and about needs to develop the thickest of skins. I'm working on it.

I was a little sad to shoot this roll of Rerapan 100 (127) as it means I have only one more roll of it (loaded and ready to go in my Sawyer's Mark IV). I've got a few rolls of Rerapan 400, but it's literally not the same. From what I can discern on the always reliable interwebs, Rerapan 100 is Silberra pan and Rerapan 400 is Rollei RPX, which I'm pretty sure is actually a version of Agfa APX manufactured by Harman.

These were developed in fresh stock Xtol (Bellini Eco-Pro). Some shots were a bit overexposed. I'm wondering if the light meter app on my phone is all that accurate, or I suppose it could be the almost 100 year old shutter on the Ica that's lagging a little? In any case, the over exposure wasn't too extreme.

For continuity's sake I ran the iphone shot of the Ica and the photos taken with the Ica through Exposure 7's 'cool platinum narrow' Lightroom plugin. I can't really see that it did too much other than make the borders on the real photographs narrower and put a border on the iphone shot. Whatever. I'm almost certainly going to buy Exposure 7 as I remain enamored of it's various 'wet plate' settings. I'm so far, being very disclipined in not over using that plugin. So far.