6 Frames of Redscale

With my Noon 6x12 pinhole camera


sonny rosenberg

7/10/20231 min read

This post will be more than you probably want to know about me, but I really want to see if I can write a somewhat coherrent post in the midst of a seizure. Ever since I can remember I've had these events that they used to call 'temporal lobe seizures'. It's kind of like dreaming while you're still awake, often one (at least me) experiences both simultaneously or your attention flips between one and another. They're pretty rare for me, I typically get them only once or twice a year.

They often begin in my sleep and I don't realize I'm having one until I've been awake for a while and then it dawns on me that I'm still 'dreaming' while I'm awake. This can make a morning bike ride very interesting. Luckily I've never had one while driving that I recall. When I was a little kid they were actually really fun as sometimes sound was involved. Any sound at all, even a car driving by sounded like the most beautiful music I'd ever heard. When people would speak to me in that state it was the most beautiful of all, but I couldn't understand what they were saying, all I could do was experience the beauty of the sound. Unfortunately, ever since adulthood, that part doesn't happen anymore.

Anyway (silly me), I wanted to see if I could create a short but at least somewhat coherrent post while in the throes of such a seizure. I should probably wait until tomorrow to post this, but I'm not going to. As you might imagine, everything takes much longer to do and is much more difficult than under normal conditions. The tendency is to just sit immobilized by it, but that doesn't make it better or make it go away. I might as well try and do stuff.

These are just a few frames of Lomochrome Redscale shot with my super fun Noon 6x12 and processed by The Darkroom in San Clemente. I've said it before, but I really like the Noon camera. If I had space for it, I'd get a 6x17, if indeed he even makes one?