6 Frames Mostly in Alleys with Fomapan, My Leica and Kompsotinol

A few frames shot mostly in the alleys of my neighborhood.


sonny rosenberg

1/16/20230 min read

Today we had a cloudy day today where no precipitation to speak of was predicted, so I thought I better get out there and shoot another roll for my ongoing Kompostinol tests. It was another one of those cloudy, glarey days between storms where the sunlight takes on a harsh quality that, to me, is much less pleasing than the hard cold sunshine of most high desert winter days. Some people, I suppose prefer that hazy kind of light, but I'm not one of them. Give me some plain old sunshine any day.

I was out with the Leica Ic again, but this time with the Voigtlander 21mm on it. I wanted to compare the sharpness of the Voigtlander to the softness of the Chroma Double Glass to see which I preferred. Sorry to say, I haven't come to any great conclusion, other than the rather inconclusive 'I like them both differently'. One thing that I have definitely come to a conclusion about is Fomapan, I definitely prefer higher contrast, higher acutance films like Washi S and Adox CMS. I guess I'm just a slow film kinda guy, or maybe I'm just slow.

Seven minutes seems to be the sweet spot for more than one film with Kompostinol, this roll was developed for that at 86°F.