5 That Got Left Out

From the Salt Lake City roll of Ez-400


sonny rosenberg

6/18/20231 min read

These were meant to be included with the roll of EZ-400 from the other day, but as I was rendering them Lightroom began to completely freak out making huge quantities of duplicates and just doing crazy things in general. I wound up de-installing the program, deleting its preferences and reinstalling it. If they were in fact amusing, computers would be an endless source of amusement.

Not that these shots are all that, but I thought they should have been included with the others. These were taken on a walk from Downtown Salt Lake City to the Red Iguana restaurant. As can be expected when I only bring one camera or one roll of film, I ran out of film just as we approached the very photogenic neighborhood that the restaurant is in. At least I got a couple shots of the train station.