5 More Lumen Exposures

From the Cadobo Cam XL and Lumenbox


sonny rosenberg

5/10/20231 min read

Testing, testing... It seems as though I'm endlessly testing, but I don't see that as a bad thing.

My homemade largish format (11x11cm) lumen camera is different enough from Jorge Otero's original Lumenbox that it's taken me many exposures to land on optimal exposure times for the two varieties of photo paper I'm using in it.

I think I've concluded that I prefer to use my old standby lumen paper Arista Edu Ultra grade 3 in both the Lumenbox and Cadobo XL while using Foma MG Classic 132 for the smaller (7x7cm) Cadobo cam.

In truth, there seems to be no good reason to even shoot the Cadobo XL, it uses a lot more photo paper and these shots are not high resolution in really any sense of the word. I suppose I just prefer the larger negatives of the XL. Shooting it seems like more of a thing too. It looks like some sort of scientific instrument or small but fat telescope when it's mounted on a tripod. It's fun to shoot this odd contraption!

In a way I guess I'm looking towards the future. In November I will have a small exhibit of my Cámara Galletita Lumen photos that have been printed at as large as 3x4ft. this large scale wouldn't be very viable if the negatives weren't as large as they were (5"x7"). So maybe a show of large Cadobo XL prints might be possible in the future? Maybe I was unconsciously thinking ahead? Which seems like about the only way I can think ahead these days.

In any case, here they are. The latest round of tests. The first four are from the Cadobo XL and are 1.5 hour exposures on wet paper. The last is a 6 hour Lumenbox exposure, also on dampened paper.