5 Frames of Flash Photography with my Sawyer's Mark IV

Flash Photography


sonny rosenberg

12/28/20221 min read

I've said this before, but I wish I took more time to shoot my Sawyer's Mark IV more often. It's a truly lovely little 127 twin lens reflex camera, very nicely engineered and constructed. It's really a joy to shoot. A much different experience than shooting my range finders. I know you've heard this from other people, but a TLR really forces you to slow down and explore photography in a much more thoughtful manner.

The only hitch is that it's a 127 camera.Nothing against 127 film, I think it's a great format, quite a bit larger than 135, and 127 cameras are often much more compact than their 120 brethren. Unfortunately 127 film is ridiculously expensive, even more so than other formats, so I have my choice of paying exorbitant prices for film for the Sawyer's or cutting down and re-rolling 120 film with my FCK 127 kit, which works, but man it's a chore!

But enough whining from me. I received a Godox Lux Senior flash which I have to admit is a pretty cool device. It looks like a flash from the 50s but uses an LED flash driven by a rechargeable lithium battery. It seems decently well made too. Since I only have two cameras with X synch, I thought I'd shoot that roll of T-max 400 that was in the Sawyer's.

These shots aren't all that, I'm just excited that the flash works and i can work it!

These were developed in Adox FX-39.

Sawyer's Mark IV
Sawyer's Mark IV