3 Views of a Chair

With three different cameras


sonny rosenberg

11/27/20231 min read

I don't see any way that this little anecdote can come off as anything but extremely silly. Oh well.

I've long admired neighbor's tiny toddler chair. It's been outside for quite a while (my neighbor's girls left toddlerhood over a decade ago) and is on the weathered side. The only paint remaining is the still bright green on the chair back.

Every chance I get, if the light is right, I try to photograph the little chair. Possibly only an idiot would take great joy in photographing the same things over an over again. My excuse is that even though the subject may be the same, the light never is.

When I noticed the little chair on top of the trash heap about to go in a dumpster, I just had to inquire about it. Now the tiny chair is mine, all mine! Muah ha ha ha! I think my plan for world domination is finally falling into place! Or at least, my plan for more chair photos is.

The first step in my evil plan was to shoot the chair with a variety of lumen cameras, this proved a bit difficult as the light hasn't been so good for hour plus exposures as of late. Nonetheless, over the course of the last few days I managed to get 3 acceptable exposures. All exposures were made with my homemade Cadobo cams in varying configurations.

The first, shown with its negative was with my hybrid 50mm Cadobo cam that uses a Lumenbox lens from Jorge Otero. The second exposure is with my 63mm Cadobo cam with its plano-convex plastic lens and the last is with my large format (11x11cm) Cadobo cam with a glass headlight lens. All exposures were around an hour and a half on wet Kodak IV paper.