28 Is Not 12

A few frames of Eastman Kodak 2374 shot at 200

sonny rosenberg

12/19/20231 min read

I think that I've adjusted enough to the perspective presented by my Voigtlander (Cosina) 12mm lens, that I've essentially internalized it as a normal perspective.

Partly because I don't shoot it enough (although that certainly applies to most of my lenses and cameras), I decided to use the little TTArtisan 28mm f/5.6 while on my rounds last week. It's certainly a cute and very sturdily built little lens. The Leica Ic was loaded with another roll of 2374 (Kono Rekorder) and since it was another mostly cloudy day, and Rekorder is rated at from 100-200 by them, I thought I would give shooting it at 200 a try.

It worked just fine. I never woulda thunk that 2374 could be exposed at such a wide range, from 50-200.

The TTArtisan is a great little lens, but on this occasion, and coming right after shooting a few rolls with the 12mm. 28mm felt positively claustrophobic. It was as though, I wasn't actually looking at the scene in front of me, but was only seeing a tiny crop of it. I think that was pretty much the case. I've said it before, but our field of view is much more expansive than that capturered by a 50mm or even 28mm lens. 12mm in the new normal! Well, maybe not. To be honest when I look through my 21mm viewfinder that seems to best approximate what my eyes are seeing in front of me. Still, in my book, 50mm is a short telephoto lens and 28mm just slightly less so. End of sort of rant.

In any case, because it was there. I developed this roll in my now infamous mixture of Xtol and D-19. Again, they're pretty high contrast as one might expect, but I'm not complaining.