The Voigtlander 21mm and Adox CMS 20II


sonny rosenberg

12/23/20231 min read

As much as I love my 12mm Ultra Wide Heliar, I think that if there was a fire and I could only save one lens, it would probably the Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar. IMHO that is one very nice lens and it's extremely compact as well. For me, it hits that sweet spot of being visibly wide but not so wide that every shot becomes exclusively about the focal length of the lens. It just seems pleasantly wide, but without being too obtrusive about it. I think of it as my standard lens, dramatic, but not outrageously so.

Today (well now yesterday) I got to get out and finish the roll of Adox CMS 20 II that I had started last week. It had been too cloudy to finish the roll until now (then). There's nothing amazing here in the way of shots, just the artifacts of my stroll around the hood, but CMS seems to make everything look good.

I decided to break this post up into two portions, this portion being the more architectural and the next being the more organic.

These photos were taken at ISO 25, really fast for CMS and developed in a fresh batch of Adotech IV.