11 Frames of Lomochrome Turquoise in Winter with my Spotmatic F

Not making the best of an almost magical film


sonny rosenberg

3/5/20232 min read

In many ways I didn't do justice to this roll of Lomeochrome Turquoise. Normally when shooting Turquoise, I seek out color combinations that I hope will pop together in interesting ways, but when shooting this roll my brain was on autopilot and I just shot without too much concern for the colors that might or might not be the result.

In truth though, it didn't seem to matter. Turquoise is one of those seemingly magical films that does it's thing almost no matter what I do. Good thing. It also has such a wide exposure lattitude that It's really difficult to screw up this very forgiving film, and not to be too tough on myself for a change, I do believe this film does better in the strong light of Spring or Summer than during these darker times.

I'm not sure why I loaded this roll of film in my recently acquired Pentax Spotmatic F. Maybe it was because I just don't shoot this camera enough? I think that my original thought was to shoot some close ups with it. I did wind up doing some flash experiments with the Pentax but those didn't work out so well, the flash synch on this camera seems pretty janky and intermitent. It's a great camera though and currently my only camera with a light meter. The meter works too! It's not all that in low light situations, but give it plenty of sunlight and it works fine.

As many old Pentaxes are these days, this one was quite the deal. I'm pretty sure that I got this for under $100, but it came with two lenses; a beautiful Super Multi Coated 28mm f/3.5 lens ( I already have a 35mm f/3.5 Super Takumar so I had some idea what wonderful lenses these are) and gigantic 200mm f/4 SMC Takumar that I didn't envision many uses for and still don't, allthough the bird shots below were taken with the 200. The camera and both it's lenses are in seemingly near perfect condition. Old Pentaxes have a reputation for durability and it certainly seems well deserved in this case as this 50 year old camera is still going strong and is built like a tank.

Today I've decided to include two galleries in this post, one dedicated to the Spotmatic F wearing it's various lenses and the other of the roll of Lomochrome. One of the few things that I don't love about this new site is that I haven't figured out a way to caption images in galleries. I love the gallery feature here, but captions would be nice. I'll have to work on that.