10 Frames of Adox CHS 100

A few frames of Adox CHS 100 shot around midtown Reno with my Leica Ic and Chroma Double Glass Lens..


sonny rosenberg

2/1/20231 min read

I've gotten a little wimpy about riding on ice since my unfortunate ride in mid December. Two days ago I had a dentist appointment the day after a very cold snow storm left almost all the streets a solid sheet of ice. Better to walk than ride I thought. Not to be too much of a hypochondriac but I'm getting to the age where I need to be a little more cautious of breaking bones. I apparently chipped my collarbone a little in the December crash and it's really just now healing. It could have easily been much worse than it was.

Unfortunately, these days maybe 50% of residences and businesses around here actually shovel their sidewalks after a snow, so even walking presents it's own set of hazards. I don't mind walking in snow at all, but the day after people have already walked on it an tramped it down it becomes a layer of bumpy ice. Slow going is the order of the day.

I thought I would bring the little Leica Ic and my Chroma Double Glass on this walk. I didn't want to be too distracted by fiddling with my camera when I needed to pay attention to staying afloat on the ice and getting to the dentist in time. This combo, with the Chroma being fixed focus/fixed aperture basically turns the Leica into a point and shoot.

These are mostly photos of businesses in midtown. Nothing special really. I've decided that I don't love CHS 100 much. It's ok, just not to my taste in contrast really. Life is too short to shoot films you don't love.

I did take a bunch of shots around Virginia lake, as the sun was getting low and the light on the ice and snow seemed interesting. Nothing spectacular in those shots either. I'll post a few of those soon.

This roll was developed in Adox FX-39II which seems a good fit for CHS.